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About Big Shot Modz LLC.

Big Shot Modz About Us Chris Joerger

Big Shot Modz set out to create a gaming experience that our customers couldn't get anywhere else.


Other modded controllers on the market are hand painted or hydro dipped... lacking in intricate and colorful designs. Through our unique, efficient, and patented customization process, we guarantee that your PlayStation (PS), xBox, or Rapid Fire controllers reflects who you are as a gamer and as an individual. All of our products start with genuine controller parts straight from the original product manufacturer.

Our teams of highly skilled and trained technicians then construct each controller within the specifications of the original customer order.

The final product is a unique experience in its own right.

We are currently the only company able to produce cost effective fully digital prints that are scratch and fade resistant and apply it to the PS3, xBox 360 controller, with our patented technique that will not peal up due to sweat or rubbing.

The designs that we create at Big Shot Modz are only limited  by the mind. So let's get creative!


To all of you, from all of us at Big Shot Modz - Thank you and Happy Gaming!

Chris Joerger
Some important guy