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General Questions

Are modded controllers legal?
Modded controllers are not illegal because they are not governed by the same EULA that the console is. Therefore, it is ok for us to mod controller and for you to buy them!
What kind of controllers do you use?
We use 100% authentic Microsoft and Sony controllers. Each of our modded controllers is made using BRAND NEW controllers that come right out of the box when you custom controller is put together.
What games are compatible with BigShotModz modded controllers?
Our controllers are compatible with every major game on the market today. Some of our exclusive add-ons are made for specific games (i.e. Call of Duty series) but most of them can be used with multiple games.
Are your controllers detectable?
All of our modded controllers are 100% UNDETECTABLE online. This is because your mod is actually in the controller itself and in no way alters the software or the console.
Can I sync my controller with multiple consoles?
Your modded controller works exactly like a regular controller. This means you can turn it off and off, sync it with as many consoles as you'd like, and use it with or without rapid fire. The only difference is that you have additional options that others don't!
What warranty do you offer?
We offer a 60 day warranty on the rapid fire component of your controller. This means if your rapid fire stops working for some reason, just send it back to us and we take care of the rest. If 60 days isn't enough, we offer an extended warranty (up to 12 months) for purchase with each modded controller.
How do I contact you if I have any questions?
We have several means of contact. Feel free to use whichever is most convenient for you! Our direct phone number is 954-636-4885. You can email our friendly customer service staff at You can also chat directly online using our online chat service. Just click the link above and someone will be with you shortly.
Where can I get instructions for using my controller?
You can check out a full list of instructions on our support page. It includes instructions for each of the rapid fire chips we offer. We also include instructions in the box with all of our controllers.
What guarantees do you offer on the controllers?
We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all of our controllers. (Please note: This does not apply to controllers with an exclusive add-on) Return your controller with no hassle within 7 days of receiving your product. 60 Days Parts and Labor: If your controller modification stops working within 60 days of your purchase we will cover all costs for repair. This does not include shipping cost to us not included (approximately $ 6.00). If returned, the amount refunded is less all shipping costs and a 30 percent re-stocking fee. The turn around time for repairs is approximately 5-7 Business days once we receive your controller. It will be shipped using Priority Mail once the job is complete. Please note: We cover the rapid fire functionality of the controller ONLY. This does not include any physical damage or malfunction in the actual Microsoft or Sony controller.
Do you ship outside the USA?
We ship World Wide, but please email us before placing an international order excluding Canada. BigShotModz will need to determine accurate shipping cost and an acceptable form of payment. Please allow upto 3-4 weeks for Priority shipping. If faster shipping is needed please contact Big Shot Modz for current rates.
How soon will i receive my product?
Depending on our order volume, it usually takes 2-5 days to prepare your custom controller and an additional 3-5 days for shipping. We also offer a same day assembly service for an additional fee guaranteeing your order is assembled the day it is placed and shipped within 24 hours. Please allow upto 3-4 weeks for International Priority shipping. If faster shipping is needed please contact Big Shot Modz for current rates.
Why should I order from BigShotModz instead of another company?
Our business model is to provide 100% code protected controllers which have the highest performance level possible. We are always on top of new releases insuring all our products are up to date with the newest technology in 2014. Please make sure you are dealing with a reputable company who will always be there for you from beginning to the end. Thank you for your business..