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Rapid Fire systems for Big Shot Modz

 Big Shot Modz 98 Mode Elite Chip Features:

If you are after the best of the best in modified controller out there, then look no further. The Big Shot Modz Team are known around the world for producing and continually developing the fastest modded controllers in the world. With not just 1, not 2, but 3 ultra fast chips installed as the driving power behind the Big Shot Modz Elite chip! 

The Elite chip does far more then just rapid fire. We are talking quick scoping, auto-running, drop, crouch, and jump shots, dual trigger, 3 round burst, fast reloading, auto reloading, auto aiming, auto tracking of enimies, tacticle remapping, battlefield auto-spotting, left cancellation, full user adjustable speeds and timings and so much more!!

With 98 modes of pure AWESOMENESS! And the power of running 7 mod features all at once!!! Becoming a gaming GOD is just a click away!

100% undetectable, no extra buttons, easy to operate!

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Big Shot Modz  Multi Class Chip Features:


The unique class menu system lets you know which class you are in and which mod is active based on the color or the LEDs

This is a complete sleeper mod meaning it is 100% stealth. Friends will not know you have a mod. 100% undetectable.

No additional buttons to worry about. The mod works completely with the buttons that the controller already has on it

All of the mods are completely adjustable. This means you can adjust your favorite exclusive mod to your liking

Each of the 3 classes and 6 sub classes can be assigned a different rapid fire speed and completely different mods that can also be fully adjusted individually

Up to 23 exclusive mod modes, Rapid fire, Akimbo, Burst, Jitter, Auto aim, Auto tracking, Active reload, Quick melee, Quick scope, Drop shot, and tacticle mapping.

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Features Explained


Rapid Fire Feature


Rapid fire is when you press the RT trigger to fire your weapon and the chip rapidly fires the trigger simulating you pressing the RT trigger over and over very fast.

Auto Aim and Auto Tracking 


Any modes that have ‘Aim’ activated mean that by pulling RT to fire, it will automatically pull LT for you so you don’t have to manually aim down the sight. One less thing to think about.

Auto aim is similar, but for offline games that have an ‘aim assist’ option, the Auto Aim will automatically track the enemies for you so you don’t even need to aim at them!

Ultra Fire and Jitter Feature Description

Ultra fire is an enhancement of Rapid Fire to make semi and fully automatic guns fire even faster. This mode is only available for Call of Duty games up to Black Ops.
Any CODs that don’t support it will just cause the gun to swap weapons very fast.
Drop Shot Feature Description

Still the only chip on the market to do Drop Shot fully and not do half a job. When you pull the RT the chip will instantly and automatically drop you to the floor while doing any other action on the mode you are in (such as aim for you and rapid fire), then as soon as you release RT it will stand you back up!

Akimbo Dual Trigger Description

Also sometimes called Akimbo, Dual Trigger is Rapid Fire but for dual wielding guns like Dual Pistols in Call of Duty and dual wielding in Halo’s etc… Just pull the fire trigger to rapid fire both triggers. If you have a single weapon in this mode you can hold LT (to aim) before pulling RT to fire and it will rapid fire the single shot weapon ok too.
Quick Scope Description


With quick scope, as soon as you look down the sight by holding LT, the chip will automatically hold your breath for you to steady your aim, which you would usually have to click in the left thumb stick to do. This makes scoping much easier. In Tap mode you just tap LT quickly and let go and the chip will keep LT pressed then fire shortly after.



This is identical to drop shot but instead of dropping to the floor, you will continually jump.

Burst fire is just Rapid Fire but with a limited
number of bullets. So 3 Burst will rapidly fire 3
shots then stop until you release the trigger.
Perfect for snipers and ammo preservation.

Fast Reload Description


Works specifically on Black Ops and Gears of War 2 & 3. For Fast Reload, when you reload your weapon, the Chip will automatically ‘glitch’ on Black Ops about half a second before finishing allowing you to finish reloading that little bit quicker. This works for FN Fal, Famas and a few others.

Auto Fast Reload

Auto-Fast Reload is the same as Fast Reload but you don’t have to press reload, you just let go of RT after firing, and it will reload for you.


One of the little hidden extras of the A3 is a new feature called Auto-Run. How annoying is it that you have to click in the left thumb stick all the time to run in games like Call of Duty? Not only that but it increases the wear on your controller. Not any more, not with Auto Run!With Auto-run turned on all you need to start running is press and release LT. Now when you push up on the left thumb stick you will instantly run continually. To de-activate a run just press any other button such as A, B, X, Y, RT, RB etc… To activate it again just pull LT.
Auto Stand Description


In Drop-Shot modes, after dropping you to the floor and releasing RT the chip automatically stands you back up. If you would prefer it to leave you down after releasing RT then you can toggle the feature on/off.

Battlefield Auto Spotting Description


A much desired feature for you Battlefield fans is Auto-Spot. In a multiplayer game or Campaign, you can ‘spot’ enemies by looking at them and pressing Back button. This can be very difficult to do during gameplay as the Back button is in a difficult spot. What Auto-spot does is as soon as you press LT to look down your weapon, or even when you shoot with RT the chip will start spotting for you (pressing Back) thereby instantly spotting any enemy you every shoot or look at!As some of you may know, pressing Back too often results in you getting blocked for a few seconds from spotting. Don’t worry – the A3 chip bypasses all of that and you never get a block.


Some users like to use alternate button layouts for the games. For Call of Duty the popular alternative is Tactile Layout, which swaps the Drop button and Knifing button (B and Right Thumb) around, so B will knife and the right thumb will drop. For battlefield 3 the dropping is by default the right thumb stick.Obviously this causes problems with the Drop Shot feature.When you use Drop Shots with remapping turned on, it will use the right thumb stick for any B actions.

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